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...I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one...

13 November
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abercrombie and fitch, acoustic guitar, aim, american eagle, american idol, animals, art, ashton kutcher, bands, basking in the sun, beach, being original, bikinis, bob dylan, bob marley, broadway, cameras, cars, cedar point, chatting, chocolate, coloring books, concerts, cool kids, crayons, cuddling, dance, dancing, deep conversations, discussing life, dogs, downtown, dumb and dumberer, eating, famous people, florida, food, football, forever 21, fridays, friends, full house, god, green day, guitar, haunted houses, helping, hershey kisses, holidays, hollister, hot chocolate, hot pink, hotels, incense, incubus, instant messanger, ipod, italian food, jesus, jet, jet skiing, jethro tull, jimi hendrix, kissie kissie, laughing, learning how to drive, led zeppelin, legwarmers, life, love, m&m's, meditating, memories, modeling, music, my friends, nature, pac sun, parades, parties, pat benatar, peace, phil of the future, philosophy, photography, piano, pictures, pink floyd, pizza, politics, poms, pool parties, pools, propel fitness water, putt-putt golf, radio, rainbow eyeliner, reading, ricky ullman, rock and roll, roller coasters, running around in circles, school of rock, shopping, singing, skiing, sleeping, sleeping in, smiling, snowmobiling, snuggling, starbucks, stars, subway, summer, swimming, talking, target, tea, teen people, text messages, the ataris, the beach boys, the beatles, the cars, the clash, the dollar store, the doors, the grateful dead, the knack, the pistons, the rolling stones, the vines, the who, tom petty, tubing, typing, up north, uptown girls, vacation, van halen, walking, weezer, wendys, william hung, writing, yearbooks, ym, yoga, you